Welcome! Come dip your toe into that scary water with me!

There are so many blogs out there these days about making our lives better. About taking brave steps.  About Change.  CHANGE.  That dirty little 6-letter word that strikes paralyzing fear in the hearts and souls of so many of us otherwise rational people.  You might be wondering then, why I am even considering writing a blog about change.  Hasn’t that been “done”?  Here is my story and why I want to reach out to all of you.

I have decided to sell my home and move to Florida.  Yes, I know millions of people have done that.  But here is the twist.  I am a New Englander.  I am single.  I am a woman.  And I am a baby-boomer.  What a time of life to FINALLY get adventurous, eh?  I do doubt that I am the first single woman to do this at my age, but I don’t know any others and maybe you don’t either.  My hope in writing this blog is two-fold – first that I will gain support from my readers as I venture across this emotion-packed experience and, second, that perhaps I can help someone else considering embarking on the same adventure….or cliff dive into the unknown, depending upon your perspective or level of fear at any given time.  AIEEEEE!  I can’t be the only person just a bit intimidated by this.  Actually, I went to one of those local AARP “Life Reimagined” meetings about a year ago and there she was – a single lady who wanted to move to Florida, but was scared.  Sweetie, I know just how you feel and I hope you are out there reading this.  So…. let’s do this together!